Review: Censored Soul (Unquiet Mind Book 5) by Anne Malcom

Censored Soul (Unquiet Mind Book 5)

Censored Soul

(Unquiet Mind Book 5)

by Anne Malcom

I give myself to strangers.
When I’m on stage, and when I’m off it.
Whether it’s throngs of screaming fans or just one man, it’s always outsiders. People who don’t know me. Not the real me.
It’s easier, because then it’s not so obvious that there is no real me. Just layers of lies.
Then I’m peeled back to the nerve. Showing the world my ugly. Everyone sees me for what I am.
Rightfully so, they hate me.
Almost as much as I hate myself.
I’m willing to hate myself for what I’ve done. To wither away into some washed up old rock star.
But he doesn’t let me.
I want to hate him.
He doesn’t let me do that either.


5 Unquiet Minds Stars on Goodreads

Censored Soul is the fifth and final book in the Unquiet Mind series by Anne Malcom. I was hesitant to read this book because is is a MM novel and although they are usually grand to read there not my jam. But its Anne so you know I was giving it a pass and jumping on that band wagon. Well I’m so glad I did, read in one sitting and what a book hangover I had the morning after.

Noah is broken but not one of his band mates would know it as he hides it deep within. The drugs and the one night stands are what get him through life. One giant mistake lands him in rehab, where he has to face himself and his demons.

“You’ve just been addicted to losing yourself in strangers so you don’t have to become familiar with yourself.”

Censored Soul was such a heartbreaking, soul searching, dark and heartbreaking read. It killed me in parts but so worth it. I highly recommend the read. I’m sad to see the end of this series but I know we’ll get plenty more quality books from Ann in the future so I’ll be grand LOL


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