Review: There Better Be Pie by Jessica Gadziala

There Better Be Pie

There Better Be Pie

by Jessica Gadziala


Ugh. Trip Martin.
He was the fly in my ointment.
He was the black cloud on my sunny day.
But everyone thought I was crazy.
Why was I the only person who could see how insufferable he was?
And why, after my parents invited him to share our family Thanksgiving, was I suddenly seeing him in a whole new light?


Juliette Kensley.
Pampered princess.
Stubborn as the day was long.
But to everyone else, she was a ray of sunshine.
Why did she get under my skin so easily?
And how, after getting to know her better, was I going to survive a long weekend with her and her family?

I’ll tell you one thing—
There better be pie.

* A short, sweet, sexy, slow-burn Thanksgiving novella


5 Apple Pie Stars on Goodreads

First can I say this cover… Its amazing! There Better Be Pie is a Thanksgiving holiday read from Jessica Gadziala. Yes you heard right, this lady can do it all even write holiday romance books that grab you by the heart strings! I loved every single page of this book. The bickering, the jabs all leading up to Jett and her nemesis, Trip Freaking Martin realising that there is actually a thin line between love and hate.

This was such a lovely read and I couldn’t put it down. I literally read it in one sitting and had no regrets, sleep be damned! Totally recommend it if your looking for something beautiful to read over the holiday season give this a go.

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