Review: Little Jack (Hell’s Handlers #6) by Lilly Atlas

Little Jack (Hell's Handlers MC Book 6)

Little Jack (Hell’s Handlers #6) by Lilly Atlas

Holly Lane has spent her life under the crushing thumbs of her cop father and controlling mother. Now, well into her twenties, she’s finally getting a fresh start and moving into her own apartment. Breaking away from her parents should be easy, but how can Holly begrudge their overprotective nature when their other daughter was murdered by an outlaw biker years ago?

With his brand-spankin’ new patch, Little Jack has a satisfying life in the Hell’s Handlers MC. Sure, the town’s new sheriff is messing with his club, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. Life only gets better when LJ’s dream woman walks out of his fantasies and into the vacant apartment next to his. Holly is sweet as sugar, curvy in ways that make LJ’s mouth water, and the woman can bake like no other. Personal demons keep LJ from chasing a long-term relationship with any woman, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun with his hot new neighbor.

Holly is pretty sure life is finally on the right track when she meets LJ on her first day in town. Incredibly tall, bearded, tattooed, and strong enough to unload her car without breaking a sweat, her new neighbor just might be perfect.

With outrageous chemistry and a genuine liking for each other, Holly and LJ seem destined for an explosive encounter until a tornado rolls through their budding relationship in the form of Holly’s father. As the new town sheriff, her father only has one item on his agenda: eliminate the Hell’s Handlers MC.


5 Little Jack Stars on Goodreads

Little Jack was the sixth book in Lilly Atlas’ Hell’s Handlers series.

LJ served his country as a Navy SEAL he lost so much while he was serving that he can’t seem to stick with one woman.   But when he stumbles into his new neighbour Holly he starts feeling all these emotions that he’s not used too! His first instant is not to run, but to see where this might go. He is also a new patched in member of the Hell’s Handlers MC.

Holly is new to town and has just moved into her very first apartment on her own. Her father is the Town Sheriff and keeps a watchful eye on her due to her twin sister being murdered when she was 12 years old. Holly has suffered a terrible life but she feels to is finally able to breath and stand on her own two feet.

I loved watching Holly grow stronger through this book. LJ and Holly’s story is so complicated and this story was so emotional with all the feels. I didn’t read any of the other books from this series before I read it. I had however read books from Lilly Atlas’ previous series. I probably if I had time would have read them before hand. But I wasn’t lost and could enjoy this book without them. I will however get into them at a later date when I have time.

Overall Lilly Atlas delivers a page turner, with a kick ass leading lady. She gave us suspense and enough a plot to keep you entertained to the last page. I also loved her secondary characters which always make a book ten times better for me. I highly recommend picking up this book!


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