Review: Camden (The Henchmen MC #18) by Jessica Gadziala

Camden (The Henchmen MC, #18)


(The Henchmen MC #18)

by Jessica Gadziala


I had spent so much of my life alone, disconnected, unable to form any kind of lasting bonds. After so long, I had begun to believe that was all there would ever be for me, had come to accept it as my reality.
Then there she was. Everything I wasn’t, everything I convinced myself I could never have.
But, God, I wanted.


I had been on my own for so long. Hopping states, changing towns, never able to put down roots, make friends, form connections.
It was how it had to be.
There was no other option for me. I had long since learned to come to peace with that.
Until Cam.
Until there was a reason to want to stay, to want to build with someone, to finally get all the things I had been denied.
Even as I started to let myself believe any of that was possible, my past found me once again, ripped everything away from me.
Ripped him away from me.
And everything we had just begun to explore.


5 Annie and Camden Stars on Goodreads

Camden is the eighteenth installment in The Henchmen MC Series by Jessica Gadziala. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Camden, we got snippets of his story is past books but not much.  The Henchmen Series is one of my favourite series and I was so excited for another book in the series.

We get a look into Cam’s past and it was heartbreaking. I may have shed a tear of two! His childhood started off great with loving grandparents, but with a huge tragedy he lost it all and didn’t speak again after.

Annie from the first chapter had me, She was so sweet, caring and so adorable when it came to Cam. She was kick as and a perfect match for Camden. The two are complete opposites with Cam never speaking and Annie never shutting up they are quite the combination for sure.

What you always can count on by Jessica’s books is kick ass leading ladies, a silent brooding hero and such great secondary characters that make her books epic to me! As always Jessica leaves us with an epic epilogue as well.

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