Review: Until Valerie by Jessica Marin

Until Valerie (Happily Ever Alpha World)

Until Valerie by Jessica Marin

Opposites don’t just attract… sometimes they BOOM!

Valerie Dawson

All I’ve ever wanted is to make my father proud. All he ever wanted was sons. I’ve never felt like I was enough… then everything changes when I’m assigned to audit the Broken Eagle’s Motorcycle Shop and meet Rowan Pryor for the first time. The minute his eyes lock on mine, I know this gorgeous man is trouble. He’s looking at me as if I’m his everything, his eyes telling me he’s thinking of a thousand ways to get me dirty. And I like it.

But I have plans for myself and none of them include some hot, motorcycle guy in a small town.

Rowan Pryor

I traded a broken past for a brotherhood I could count on. War changes people, bonds them together, so when our time in the Navy is served, I join my fellow SEALS in Nashville to help start up a motorcycle repair shop. A big city guy like me is enjoying a distraction free small town life. But then Valerie Dawson walks into the shop, wearing those nerdy glasses like it’s her mission to steal my breath away and I know I’m in dangerous territory. She makes me feel things I never thought I could feel and I am determined to make her mine.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight… Until Valerie


5 BOOM!! Stars on Goodreads

Until Valerie by Jessica Marin is a great addition to the Until World. My first read from Marin, she did not disappoint.

When Valerie’s job takes her to the Broken Eagles Motorcycle shop she’s not prepared for what she finds. Thinking this would be just another audit job, she never imagined what she’d find.

His eyes are locked with mine when he steps closer and yells out the one word that I used to never believe would happen to me. “BOOM!”

 Rowan knows as soon as he sees Val that she is his BOOM! Now all he has to do is convince her.

“Lord, you’re bossy!” I grumble, not enjoying how I like him taking control. “And you’re beautiful. Get in your car and wait for me.”

This was a sweet, lovely and exciting read with some twists that you don’t see coming. It also has a host of great secondary characters which is a favourite of mine.

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