Review: Deadline to Damnation (Sons of Templar #7) by Anne Malcom

Deadline to Damnation (Sons of Templar #7)

Deadline to Damnation (Sons of Templar #7) by Anne Malcom

My life is about the story.
I’ve risked my life for it.
Many times.
I chase the story so I can escape having to face my own.
But this one is different.
This story will make my career. My life.
Or it will end it.
The Sons of Templar MC. The most notorious and dangerous outlaw motorcycle club in the country.
And I’m going to get the scoop.
Or I’ll die trying.



5 Peaches Stars on Goodreads

Deadline to Damnation is the seventh instalment in the Sons of Templar Series and is a very dark story full of love, loss, and second chances. This series has just grown and grown with each book released and I for one love it.

Liam and Caroline’s story is not easy to read. Jagger is a character that has always intrigued me and I so badly wanted to know his story. In Deadline to Damnation we find out his past and how he has become the man he is today. Caroline is set to get her story no matter what she has to do or how much she puts herself in danger. The story always comes first until she meets Liam.. Again.

“The truth was a bully we all pretended to like.”

This is such a dark, raw, twisted and so very emotional book. My heart was in my mouth for the last 50% of this book. I highly recommend reading it, you won’t be disappointed.




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