Review: Craving Rose (The Aces’ Sons #5) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Rose (The Aces' Sons, #5)

Craving Rose

(The Aces’ Sons #5)

by Nicole Jacquelyn

I, Rose Hawthorne, have crap taste in men.

But, who could blame me, really?

When the stories of how your dad and uncles raised hell before settling down are legendary, it was all too easy to see Prince Charming everywhere, believing that if a man loved me enough, he’d change.

What a load of garbage.

I was tired of the game, almost as tired as I was of being the only single adult at every family barbecue.

But you know what they say, the moment you stop looking, the right one finds you.


5 Prankster Stars on Goodreads

Nicole Jacquelyn’s, Craving Rose is the 5th book in the The Aces’ Sons series. I have been on the edge of my sit waiting for this release and no joke it did not let me down.

From the start with an action-packed prologue that had me not wanting to put this book down I was hooked.

Rose is a loyal, loving and fierce woman that you don’t want to mess with. She is one kick ass lady, the kind of heroine that I love. Mack is older and has a daughter, not to mention is a part of the Aces MC. Someone she should stay far away from. But harmless practical tricks have them crossing paths and getting closer.

Craving Rose has wonderful leads, full of love and family and with all of Jacquelyn’s books loads of familiar characters. I loved falling back into the Aces’ Son series and didn’t want this book to end.

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