Review: Until Tennessee: Happily Ever Alpha World by Sarah O’Rourke

Until Tennessee: Happily Ever Alpha World

Until Tennessee

by Sarah O’Rourke

Detective Marek Haws didn’t expect the boom that exploded in his life during a simple traffic stop. Without warning, he suddenly found himself determined to protect a brave but frightened woman and her family, no matter what the consequences might be.

Clarity Escobar ran from California to Tennessee to keep her children safe from further harm. When it appears as if her new life is compromised and all hope is lost, she finds that trusting a man in blue might be just what she needs to bring peace back to her life.

Will Marek break down Clarity’s defenses and show her that she can trust and love again? What happens when California comes calling again? Join Sarah O’Rourke in her newest novella, Until Tennessee, to find out! Written as part of the Happily Ever Alpha world with Aurora Rose Reynolds. Features characters from Until Cobi (with permission of Aurora Rose Reynolds.)


4 Until Tennessee Stars on Goodreads

Until Tennessee was a very short read and because of that things happened within the book very quickly. Clarity has escaped an abusive husband with her two young children. She has been on her own and doing what she can for 6 months. Suddenly within a day everything goes wrong and she meets Marek a cop in Tennessee.

The ‘Boom‘ happens for Marek and he know from the get go that he has to do everything in his power to protect Clarity and try to make her his.

This was a very sweet story and I really enjoyed reading it. The loss of one star is because it was just way too short and I like a story to be more developed. I do highly recommend reading it though.

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