Review: Fatal Harmony (The Vein Chronicles #1) by Anne Malcom

Fatal Harmony (The Vein Chronicles, #1)

Fatal Harmony

(The Vein Chronicles #1)

by Anne Malcom

I may be the villain of the story, but at least I get a leading role.
Evil is a term thrown around history and literature as if it’s something so easily definable. A concept to fight against.
Evil doesn’t exist.
Neither does ‘good.’
Vampires do, though.
I just happen to be one.
I’ve cruised through the centuries managing to avoid all the wars, supernatural and human, but still going to all the best parties.
I would say I avoided bloodshed, but it’s kind of part of the whole ‘vampire’ thing.
I’ve lived on the fringes of a society that considered cruelty and sadism favorable character traits for almost five hundred years. Now I’m in the middle of a war that might just put my nonbeating heart in a lot of danger.
Battles, I can handle.
The impossible attraction between me and the vampire slayer, not to mention the penetrating gaze of the king of our race, on the other hand?
I might not get out undead.


5 Undead and Fabulous Stars on Goodreads

I’m a big fan of Ann Malcom and after reading all of her books bar the The Vein Chronicles, as I’m not a big supernatural anymore but I wanted to tide myself over before her new release and I was looking for something to read! Wow just Wow I’m so glad I dived into them!

I cannot die, which means I cannot love. Because eternity with the shadow, with the ghost of a dead love, was a forever of death.

Fatal Harmony is the first book in this supernatural series, Isla Rominskitoff looks like she is 23 but has been a vampire for nearly 500 years and she comes from a noble Vein Line. She is one Kick-ASS, HILARIOUS and witty with a sassy mouth, leading lady.

Thorne is the slayer that wants her head or maybe her heart he hasn’t quite decided on that. Not only woul their relationship be taboo, but it would also be punishable by death!

King Emerick is one bad ass vampire with a tone of secrets and you can’t help to want to know what they are.

The most loyal are usually the most wicked. It is not our enemies we should look to to betray us, but our friends. For we do not expect loyalty from our enemies, do we? Betrayal is only birthed from loyalty. Look at Judas. And Brutus. And Brad Pitt.”

Fatal Harmony was such an exciting read, I loved it! This book is jammed packed full of vampires, slayers, witches, supernatural creatures, action, vampire politics, scheming and betrayals. It is one crazy read that ends in a huge cliffhangers… Its ok though as there is already three books in this series so you can jump straight into number 2 with one click!


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