Review: Happy Trail (Lucas Brothers #3) by Jordan Marie

Happy Trail (Lucas Brothers, #3)

Happy Trail (Lucas Brothers #3)

by Jordan Marie

Sometimes you have to talk to work things out.
Luckily that works best without clothes. 


I’ve loved Luka Fields my entire life.
He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first time, and my first heartbreak.
Love isn’t like in the movies, or the books you read.
It’s hard.
Sometimes you give up…
And regret it your entire life.


Petal was the love of my life.
Losing her nearly destroyed me.
I’ve tried to move on, but I can’t.

It’s time to get my woman back—and this time I’m keeping her.
Luckily as a sheriff I have handcuffs at my disposal.

A Lucas Brother’s standalone novel.

Warning: This heroine follows the trail to happiness…quite literally.



5 Second Chances Stars on Goodreads.

Happy Trail is the third book in the Lucas Brothers series and its actually Petal’s Book. We meet Petal in the second book and learn more about what has happened in her life but we don’t get to actually hear what happened between her and Luka.

We get snippets of the past throughout the first part if the book and this tells us what happens between the two and why their relationship broke up the first time.

This book is so full of heartache and from the get go I felt so bad for these two. I so wanted them to have their happy ending.

I love the crayon family and can’t wait for more in the series.

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