Review: Hook (No Prisoners MC 0.5) by Lilly Atlas

Hook (No Prisoners MC, #0.5)

Hook (No Prisoners MC 0.5) by Lilly Atlas

After ten years away, Marcie finally ventures back to where she grew up. She isn’t in town for twenty-four hours when she crosses paths with Hook and Striker, the two boys who kept her safe and happy as a young girl. Only they aren’t boys anymore. They are fully grown, muscular, alpha men. Members of the No Prisoners Motorcycle Club. All through her teenage years, Marcie’s heart belonged to Hook. Not that he ever seemed to notice. And it appears that as an adult, not much has changed with regard to her feelings toward the sexy biker. But a bossy, alpha man is not what independent Marcie is looking for.

The moment Hook lays eyes on Marcie, it’s as though the last ten years apart never existed. Back when she was off limits, he wanted her, and it doesn’t take long before he realizes he still wants her. Marcie’s changed, though. She’s no longer a frightened teenager in need of a haven. Now she’s a beautiful, confident woman, and a bit too independent. Will Hook be able to convince Marcie a life with him wouldn’t stifle her freedom? Their relationship is tested when Marcie clings to her hard-won life and when an aspect of that life threatens not only their future together, but their safety as well.


4 Hooked Stars on Goodreads

This was my first read from Lilly Atlas and I came across this series via Kindle Unlimited. Hook is a No Prisoners MC prequel novella. We are introduced to Marcie and Hook and this book tells there story.

Hook and his long time friend and brother are 5 years older then Marcie. Growing up they protected her from a terrible mother who didn’t care for her like a mother should. They where there for her when no one else was. Fast forward ten years and Marcie is home for her no good mothers funeral she crosses path with the two friends again. No longer off limits and very much an adult now she feels the heat between her and Hook.

“I love you, Marcie. And I promise I won’t walk in front of you, but stand beside you for the rest of your life.”

An enjoyable read full of Putting the past behind, romance and healing with some surprises thrown in. Atlas has a series of secondary characters that she develops so well and makes the story that much better. Definitely a series I want to get my hands on. I will be diving into the next book as soon as I can.

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