Review: Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3) by Penny Reid

Capture (Elements of Chemistry, #3; Hypothesis, #1.3)

Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3)

by Penny Reid

One week.
Manhattan apartment.
Super-hot ex-boyfriend.

…What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s been nine months since Kaitlyn Parker has seen or heard from Martin Sandeke—nine months and five stages of matter. She’s lived through the worst of first-love heartbreak, and is most certainly stronger (and less likely to hide in science cabinets) than ever before.

But now Martin is back. And he wants to be friends. But he’s sending mixed signals to the Bunsen burner in Kaitlyn’s pants.

Will Martin re-capture Kaitlyn’s heart? Can Kaitlyn and Martin ever be just friends? Or, despite an abundance of chemistry, are some bonds just too unstable to endure?


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Capture starts 6 month after the drama and Kaitlyn is trying to make a new life for herself. Changing majors and doing music. Feeling for the first time she is doing what she is passionate about. One thing is missing, Martin. Although says she is over him. Deep down she knows she will never be over him and that there will always be something missing from her life.

Martin has become this successful business man but not in the way we might have thought. He surprises Katy when he turns up an event where her band is playing and sure the love, lust and heartache for them both rears its ugly head.

“I don’t want a beautiful week with you. I want a beautiful lifetime.” ~ Martin 

This book had all the feels and really had my heart in my throat for the whole thing. I raced thorough it wanting to know what would happen for Martin and Kaitlyn at the end of the road. This was the perfect end to the series.

A perfect end to the Elements of Chemistry series.


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