Review: Hollow Hearts: A Sons of Templar Novella by Anne Malcom

Hollow Hearts: A Sons of Templar Novella

Hollow Hearts: A Sons of Templar Novella by Anne Malcom

Don’t judge a book by its cover, that’s how the saying goes, right?
It’s meant to stop people from judging others based on appearances, first impressions. Because people are often a lot more-or usually, lot less-than they appear.
That is not the case with me.
What you see is what you get.
What you see a club whore for the Sons of Templar MC.
Big tits, blonde hair, pretty face. Not much else.
I serve a purpose.
I might not be doing the Lord’s work.
In fact, I’m probably doing the Devil’s.
But I’m okay with that.
The Devil claimed me a long time ago, when he hollowed out my insides and burned everything than made me more than I appeared.
What I was before, who I was before, it’s nothing more than ashes.
I made a life from the ruins. It’s ugly and empty.
But it’s mine.
Until Christmas Eve.
Then my ugly life is no longer empty. And my hollow heart no longer belongs to me.


5 Shocking Stars on Goodreads

This is A Sons of Templar MC Novella by Anne Malcom, It’s a story from a different chapter and I would have loved it to be a full length, with the punch it struck it could have well been. Scarlet is not letting anything through her ice heart and is doing a pretty good job of keeping everyone at arms length until something unimaginable happens. I walks Cain and for the first time she feels like her heart might defrost.

This story was explosive, it told so much within a small novella. It was heartrendingly sad and full o dark. Yet Scarlet through it all finds her light. Brilliant read and would highly recommend it.

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