Knights Rising (Rumblin’ Knights #1) by Bella Jewel

Knights Rising (Rumblin' Knights #1)

Knights Rising (Rumblin’ Knights #1) by Bella Jewel

Somethings are best left alone.
I know this. I should stand by it.
That would be the safest option for me.
But, well, I just can’t do that.
Because the thing I should leave alone…is everything.
It is the reason I breathe.
It is the reason I keep putting one foot in front of the other.
I need help. I know it, but nobody wants to step up and give that to me.
The case is too hard.
There is nothing they can do.
And then I meet them. Bikers. The Knight Brothers.
They can give me the help I need. They have the resources.
But there is one problem that lies amongst all of this.
Lincoln Knight.
I can’t stand him.
I loathe him.
I despise him.
And yet, he’s determined to help me.
He won’t take no for an answer.
And if I’m being honest…I need him.
But working with him, spending time with him, it’s the last thing I want to do.
But…I have no choice.
And I know it.
This most definitely won’t end well.


4 Rumblin’ Knights stars on Goodreads

Knights Rising is book One in the Rumblin’ Knights Series. This is the story of Lincoln and Shania. Bella Jewel is a must read for me and so it was a no brainier that I would read it.

“I wish my brain would recognize that wanting someone who is bad is not healthy. Honestly, it’s like it feeds on the bad boys. Like they’re what keep it powering.”

Lincoln is a man-whore and doesn’t want to settle down. He has no intentions of having feelings for anyone, anytime soon. Even when he meets Freddie he fights against the pull he has towards her until something threatens to take her down and then he’d there 100% for her.

This book was very simply written and just really straightforward, but it was an exciting read and I loved the story.  I’m defiantly excited to read the second in the series.

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