Day 1 of 365 2019



For shizzle it’s day 1 of another year. Happy New Year! Yes I’m going to do it again this year but this year you’re going to see more house pics (sorry not sorry) and I’m also going to try and share more on our IVF roller coaster. Last year I didn’t really show that we had a failed IVF at the end of June and it really threw us for a six. In fact I had a bit of a breakdown. This was our 3rd fail. We’ve taken a year break from it all! I didn’t show a lot of the Low’s that happened this year I really only showed the highs. Because really who wants to see them. We only show what we want to show. So be mindful when you flick through the perfect Instagram’s and say to yourself “I wish I could have her/his life” it’s not all real. Anyway just wanted to be up front at the start of a new year. . .



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