8 Things I’ve learnt in November 2018



I love a good glazed doughnut!

Krispy Kreme’s are Glazed crack to me! That is all I will say on that haha

It’s all fair in love and blogging!

If you don’t fit the norm in the blogging or book blogging world you don’t get a look in. Blogging can be a very lonely experience sometimes and even in the blogging world there are clicks. If you don’t fit into any of the clicks well you’re on your own. In Ireland there are not very many people who have the same taste in books as I do. I’m kind of a cross between to be honest. Sometimes I feel like maybe it’s time to hang up my laptop, others times I’m rearing to go. At the moment I can’t help but think why bother!


I hate painting, but I don’t mind taking wallpaper of the walls.

I mean I thought it would be grand, but painting is hard. Your body aches from it and no matter how tidy I try to be it really never works out like that for me! Taking Wallpaper of the walls is a lot easier then you think when your using a steamer. Don’t get me wrong it still takes ages to do but its nearly therapeutic while your doing it.


Plumbers are like gold dust!

I don’t even want to get into the time it took for us to get someone to do our bathroom or the amount of money it will take! It will just make me a little mad. In the end it worked out and that’s all that matters.

Packing is never as easy as you think it will be!

You look at what you have and you think, ah this will be grand… but its not and its never ending and you just want it to be done already!


I love Sushi!

I love sushi that’s nothing new, but I’ve discovered a sushi takeaway very near my new house! I’ve tried it and its delish, it will be my new favourite take out place for sure!


Costa has brought out a Black Forest Flavuored Hot Choc!

And it is A-Mazing! It was so tasty and just the ticket on a cold winters day. It is a little sweet, but it was right up my street. I loved it.

I’m addicted to AliExpress!

I love a bargain and I’ve been known to shop online on Wish, but I find their postage can be high! I have known about AliExpress but I’ve never bought anything. This month I went a bit mad and got some fab things for the house. You can search via picture as well so its really easy to find a good deal on something that can be otherwise a little pricey!

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