5 Things I’ve learnt in October 2018

5 Things I've learnt in October 2018


Moving House is exciting but very very stressful!

We found out late last month that we get the keys to our new home earlier then expected. Although we’re so excited, its very nerve wrecking as well. My husband is giving me free rein to do what I want. I think this is more so because he doesn’t care much and knows I have good taste when it comes to these things! But that’s a lot on my shoulders as well. But like I said I’m excited about it all.

woman carrying pumpkin while standing beside hay

I will always be a big kid when it comes to Halloween.

I love Halloween and I was gutted that our new home wouldn’t be ready in time for me to decorate for the holiday. But it will be next year! I’m a big kid when it comes to it and I’ve organised a big Halloween event in work this year that I’m so excited about.


Picking out a new couch is a lot stressful then I thought!

I mean shopping is my forte I love to shop, but picking out a couch and spending a lot of money on a couch is stressful! Thoughts that fly through your head.. Have I picked the right one? Is it comfy enough for my Netflix and chill nights 🙂 Is this too much money to be wasting on a couch? The questions go on and on!

Offers category picture

I love Ikea!

Ikea is either your hell or your heaven. For most men its hell, So I went over with a friend had a good look at what I wanted and then will go back with him to get everything we need no messing and no dilly dallying.


New babies are good therapy!

My sister had a new baby the end of last month and going through IVF myself, having a very tough few years I really thought I wasn’t going to handle it very well when the baby came. However I really surprised myself and was absolutely fine. He was good for me in a way. Just holding him calms me down and relaxes me. Plus new baby smell is the best.

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