To Listen To Music Reading or Not too That Is The Question?!

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You’ve finally found a little time to sit yourself down and start the book you’ve been thinking about for ages. The house is quiet, maybe a little too quiet. Do you put on some music?
A lot of Authors these days listen to music when they write and then put those playlists either online or within their books. Of course that doesn’t mean you have to listen to these playlists while you’re reading the book. But it can be fun to see what they were listening to at stages of the book.
I myself love to listen to Movie scores, very like Classical music but typically more modern sounding. I have my favourites of course and I have them all on my Spotify. Spotify how I ever lived without this little app before!
There are a lot of people who don’t like listening to music when I read. Sometimes I prefer a little silence to be able to take in the story and the words and to just relax into the world of whatever book I’m reading. It really depends on my mood at the time.
What are your thoughts, music or quiet time when you read?

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7 thoughts on “To Listen To Music Reading or Not too That Is The Question?!

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  1. I usually prefer quiet when reading except when I’m traveling then I need music. I usually listen to hard rock to drown out any other noise.
    I’ve never tried listening to classical music. I’m going to try that during my next trip.

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  2. When I read I am almost always listening to ocean sounds on YouTube. I can’t have music because I get distracted and start singing and dancing along to the music. Every once in a while if my husband isn’t home I will read in complete silence but I will say 98% of the time I have ocean sounds going.

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  3. I only play music as a second thought or if I’m really wanting to listen to some. It’s always either instrumental playlists that I find on Spotify (I love this app and I don’t know how to exist without it anymore!), or a playlist of songs that I love and know really well. The former just puts me in a chill mood and I can just read; if it’s the latter, I can tune it out because I’ve heard the songs a million times. Plus, this allows for dance breaks and mini jam sessions when I need a break from reading! It’s a win-win!

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