Review: One Last Wish (Shooting Stars #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

One Last Wish (Shooting Stars, #3)

One Last Wish

(Shooting Stars #3)

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Finding out my husband, my best friend, only had months to live was devastating.
Sitting out under the star-filled sky, listening to him wish on star after star, night after night, almost killed me.
He never wished to get better.
He wished for me to be happy.
He wished for me to find the strength to move on.
I told him his wishes were pointless, because happiness wouldn’t exist without him.
I found out soon after he passed away that I was pregnant.
But I had no idea his final wish would bring me something I never thought I’d find again.


4 Shooting Stars on Goodreads

I’m a huge fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds and her books are a must read for me. One Last Wish was a no brainer for me to read. It was such an incredibly heart-breaking yet sweet story. Starting this book and knowing a little about what it was about I was prepared for the heartbreak but it still tore me in two. The first few chapters of this book where rough and so sad.

Aubrey decided to play it safe and marry her childhood friend Gage. They have a great life together but nothing can prepare Aubrey for what’s to come. Denver has always loved Aubrey but didn’t step in quick enough and let his one true love slide through his fingers. He decides that seeing her happy is the most important thing. Then one day he gets a phone call from Gage that will change all of their lives for the worst or better depends on who’s looking!

Aurora really knows how to tell these heart-breaking stories and I’m sad to see this series come to an end. But this book is well worth a read and as always I loved her secondary characters and also the look back at some previous faces we’ll recognise. Definitely a must read.

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