6 Things I’ve learnt in September 2018

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1. Whiskey sours may be better then Gin!

Wow I know I just said that and anyone who knows me knows I love Gin and I even like to collect small batch Gins (I could be a gin blogger at this stage!) But the last while I’ve just loved a refreshing home made (Not as nice in bars) Whiskey Sour. My friend Charlotte taught me how to me make a mean one!


2. I love smell Autumn in the air!

Its my favourite time of the year and towards the end of September you can really smell Autumn in the air. I know Halloween is just around the corner.

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3. Amazon accounts are being used for what?

They are being used to Launder money! Yes you heard right Launder money! You know they way you see a certain item and it’s way more expensive then it should be? I had noticed this myself, recently one of MJ Fields books was being privately sold for thousands. Now I know why, check out this story, it explains why.


4. I have an addiction to brow products!

Yes you heard right, I have an addiction to brow products. I’m always out to find the next best product and I’ve found some good ones along the way. NYX do an amazing one called NYX Professional Makeup Micro Eyebrow Pencil. I usually buy it in shade Brunette or Espresso. I’ve also bought the new Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 defining & highlighting brow pencil, I bought in the shade light to medium. The man at the counter was amazing and went through it all with me! I’m loving it so far.


5. I use my Birthday as an excuse to buy make up for myself!

I use my birthday as an excuse to buy myself some treats even though I said I was only buying essentials until next year. Sure its your birthday you gotta treat yourself! This year I bought some of Carter beauty. Only out a wet day but I was dying to try it. I picked up a few things that appealed to me. If your interested in a review let me know in the comments.


6. My friends must think I’m a Gin depso!

I got two lovely bottles of Gin for my birthday, a classic bottle of Brockmans and a new one to me Filliers. Filliers is a belgium gin and I really enjoyed it. Not as botanic as some gins I’ve tasted recently, more a classic gin type taste but really nice.

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    1. The concealer and liquid highlighter where very disappointing the dropper didn’t work properly. The powder quad bronzer and highlighter where can and I really like them. Use them in a daily basis very day time though not for a night out. The brow pencil is a little waxy but it’s brushes out very well and it’s nice cheap choice. I would purchase again but would like to walk into a store and pick. I wouldn’t buy online again unless I’ve tried it and it works for me. Hope this helps.

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