Review: Shield (Greenstone Security #2) by Anne Malcom

Shield (Greenstone Security #2)

Shield (Greenstone Security #2)

by  Anne Malcom

Published March 2nd 2018

My name’s Rosie and I come from a dynasty of sorts… the Sons of Templar, maybe you’ve heard of them.

I just happen to be the daughter of one of the founding members and am the sister of the current president.

The fact I’m a woman means I don’t wear the patch, but it’ll never change the fact that I’m a Templar by blood.

We’re known as royalty in the outlaw world. Though, the dynasty is dancing on the right side of the law these days.

That doesn’t mean that the law and those who enforce it are friends.
It will remain the one constant in my tumultuous life. The one rule in our law-free existence.

Befriending the law and those that enforce it is a betrayal.

Which means me being one half of a doomed love is that much more comical when he’s a cop.

Or was.

Before I went and ruined it all.

Before he shattered that shield he wore to protect society in order to protect me.

He saved me and I damned him.

I damned myself too, but to be honest, I was damned long before that.


5 Love conquers all Stars on Goodreads

I had been very interested to see how this book was going to start, we’ve see Rosie from day one or should I say book one in The Son’s books. She’s been the rock to get her loved ones through their pain and heartbreak to the sunshine they deserved. But where was her happy ever after….

I saved the club. And broke my own heart in the process.

The Shield is the second book in the Greenstone Security series and it is just was dark and messed up as previous books. My love of Kick Ass Leading ladies continues with Rosie’s story. She doesn’t need a knight and shining Armor she needs her knight to stand back while she takes care of business.

The only thing worse than loving someone you couldn’t have was having someone you were scared to love. Scared because of what you knew it would do. Destroy everything.

My heart went through so much throughout this book and I found myself loving Luke and feeling his hurt. He has to go through so much to find what he’s looking for, but Love conquers all in the end.

Such a stunning, heart-breaking story filled with jam packed action along the away. Another cracker of a story by Anne Malcom.

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