Adler (The Henchmen MC #14) by Jessica Gadziala

Adler (The Henchmen MC, #14)

Adler (The Henchmen MC #14) by Jessica Gadziala

Published July 31st 2018

He decided it was time to retire, settle down, become something nice and tame. Like an arms-dealing biker in some town called Navesink Bank. He could get behind that lifestyle.

He’d anticipated a lot of things. Drinking. Brotherhood. A little action peppered in here and there to keep things from getting too dull.

But there was one thing he hadn’t planned on.

A woman moving in across the hall from him. The way something within him recognized something inside her. A past. Secrets. Darkness. Hidden behind thick walls, impenetrable shields, and a biting sort of confidence.

He damn sure couldn’t have prepared himself for the sudden and uncharacteristic urge to force his way into her life, get her to open up to him, feel comfortable enough to give her all the dark and ugly parts of his past. And – dare he even think it – plan a future with her.

You know… if she would stop disappearing for weeks at a time without a clue as to where she was going…


5 milkshake stars on Goodreads

I’ve been looking forward to Alder’s story for so long.

Adler and Lou take a while to come together, but while we are waiting for them to get their crap together we get some many LOL moments along with some very series and heartbreaking moments. Lou story is hard to take but even with it she is one kick-ass, taking names kinda woman. A leading lady I love to read and you can’t help but love Adler and I loved their chemistry.

While Adler and Lou are getting together we get glimpse’s of previous books, one being the story of V and I could see other scenarios playing out that we didn’t get a clear picture of before.

As always this is another 5 star Henchmen book for me! Jessica’s books are on KU so there is not reason not to one click with her books!



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