Borrowbox is one of my favourite apps, Not only is it my fav but its also free via your local libraries online resources. The app makes it easy to browse, borrow and listen to your library’s eAudiobooks and eBooks anywhere, everywhere.

To simply login, all you need is your library card number and your pin. You can get access  to the library’s collection of eAudiobooks and eBooks. You can now borrow up to 5 eAudiobooks and 5 eBooks at a time.

Grouped by age category
Browse by genre or by specially curated lists
Quickly find new releases
Search by title, author and narrator
Easily find similar titles you might want to listen to
Listen to previews
Get more info about the author and narrator

Borrow instantly or reserve for later
View current loans and reserves
View loan history
Renew loans whenever you want
Automatic deletion of expired loans, no overdue fees

Offline listening and reading
Automatically saves your current position in the audiobook and ebook

Borrow Box – Your library in one app.

As many of you know I work in libraries and I use Borrowbox through my South Dublin library card. If like me you read a lot this is a very affordable way of getting your fix.

This service is provided for the public library service by Bolinda,  with delivery arranged by Libraries Development, Local Government Management Agency.

Visit the Libraries Ireland website.

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