Review: Mallicks: Back to the Beginning by Jessica Gadziala

Mallicks: Back to the Beginning (Mallick Brothers Book 5)

Mallicks: Back to the Beginning (Mallick Brothers #5)

by Jessica Gadziala

Published June 28th 2018

A girl raised by monsters.
A man who helped get her free.
A love that spans decades.
Let’s go back to the 80s to see how Charlie and Helen Mallick fell in love.


5 Mallick Stars on Goodreads 

I’m generally not into reading books where I know most of the story line and to be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to reading Mallicks: Back to the Beginning (Sorry Jess) But I ended up loving Helen and Charlie’s story. They had a love that survives all obstacles. Helen is a kick ass mama bear. I could feel the love and passion Charlie has for Helen. He wants to give the world to her but all Helen needs was him and her kids.

I wasn’t the raving lunatic some of their stories might paint me to be. I was just a woman who could only take so much from her children, a woman who understood that if they didn’t fear and respect me, they never could respect and care for other women. A person who was outnumbered, overworked, and in constant need of a wine refill.

It was great to see how they began and where they came from. I also loved getting another look at so many familiar characters from Jessica’s past stories. Great secondary characters rock! As always I highly recommend reading this installment in the       Mallick series.

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