Review: Fix It Up by Jessica Gadziala

Fix It Up

Fix It Up by Jessica Gadziala

Published May 2018

“The chance of a lifetime. With one little catch.”

All Brinley Spears has ever dreamed about since she completed design school four years ago was getting noticed. By the right people. By the right companies. Anyone who could finally help launch her career onto a new level.

Unfortunately, the opportunity comes to her in the aisle of a home improvement store while she was arguing with the world’s most irritating contractor… Warren Reyes.

It was everything she ever wanted, the chance to star in HITV’s hit show Fix It Up. There’s one problem though. The producers think Brin and Warren are married. And want them as a pair… or not at all.

So, desperate for the opportunity she has always wanted, Brin hatches a plan. One fake marriage. One season of a show. And then they can both go their separate ways.

You know, if they don’t kill each other first…


4 Fight like you mean it Stars on Goodreads

Fix it up is not your typical Jessica Gadziala novel. It’s not her usual dark and mysterious read. Even though I’m lucky to get her books in advance, I automatically purchase them as well. So it’s no secret that I love all her books. This one however I didn’t really connect with. Yes I enjoyed the story, found it hilarious at times and laughed out loud through several parts but I didn’t really connect with Brinley however I did love Warren and liked his easy going even tempered personality.

This book is really good. As Jessica forewarned: Nothing goes boom but that’s ok, sometimes you don’t need a boom to enjoy a book and I did enjoy this book. It just wasn’t in my top ten books by Jessica but that ok too. If you love enemies to lovers, fake marriage, a good fight and a slow burn build up you will love this book.



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