Review: Reeve by Jessica Gadziala

Reeve (The Henchmen MC Book 11)

Reeve (The Henchmen MC Book 11) by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 15/01/18


I had long since given up hope of the pursuit of genuine happiness. It wasn’t possible after all the sh*t I had been through. I had my siblings, my club, a purpose in life. It was enough.
Until I came across her.
She represented everything that I knew I couldn’t have – stability, a future, a way out of my past.
And, it seemed, the harder I tried to keep her at a distance, to protect her from my reality, she only got in deeper, only pulled me closer.
Then, one night, an old face popped up in Navesink Bank. And everything changed forever.


I liked my life. I liked the freedom and simplicity of it, even if it was, perhaps, a little lonely.
Then one night, there he was.
With the saddest eyes I had ever seen.
He represented everything my life didn’t need – chaos, violence, uncertainty. But, at the same time, everything it was lacking – companionship, connection.
He tried to fight it, to keep up his guards, to keep me at arm’s length.
But, well, fate had other plans.
That was the night everything changed.
Down an alley, facing down a new, yet familiar, big bad in Navesink Bank, forcing us together, making us confront the reality of what was happening between us.
Trapped together, waiting for the winds to blow over, he finally trusted me enough to let me in, to give us a shot, to invite me into his family.
That is, if all of us survived the upcoming storm…


5 Rey of sunshine Stars on goodreads!

Oh my god I loved it! Now that I got that out of my system can I just say though, Rey, was such a great character. She was light, funny and very entertaining and she was just perfect for poor broken Reeve. I really felt all the feels reading this book. There were times I had a giant ball of emotion in my tummy and they there were times I was full on laughing. I find it so great when an author can do that and it’s one of the reasons I love Jessica’s books. 

Reeve and Rey’s story was unputdownable and it was another brilliant instalment into the world of the Henchmen! 


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