Book Tales From a Book Addict!


Who remembers the baby sitters club? The series taught us about friendship and responsibility. Come on ladies hands up I think we all read them at some point in our childhood. I for one was a fan and used to gobble them up. Well to be honest I read whatever I could get my hands. Reading was second nature to me, I came from a family of readers. Both my Mother and Father are big readers and always had the latest books on our shelves or had them out from the library. I know books where what lipsticks are to me, they’d spend their last pound (as it was the 80’s & 90’s) on them. We were very fortunate to come from a family like that.

As the years passed I was a regular to my local library. It wasn’t big and I did out-grow the young adult section pretty quickly. When I was a teenager although there was a load of great authors out there, there was nothing compared too today’s volume. If I was a teenager now I would have been in my element. Even though I was the biggest book worm ever, I did have a good few close friends which I still see regularly. I even got some of them hooked on different books over the years. I know a few of them follow my blog and will be reading what I’m reading, which is very flattering to me.

One memory sticks out to me from when I was about 12 or 13. I got caught reading a fiction book behind my Irish book in school. My Irish teacher at the time was a nun. MY mother was called to the school. I thought right this is it. I won’t be able to read anymore my mam is going to kill me and she won’t let me go to the library or something like this. Not worrying about being grounded or anything like that. Nope! I was worrying about my next book fix. She came up to speak to the teacher. I was beside her and the nun explained to her what had happened and waited for her reaction. I was shaking in my shoes at this point! I’ll never forget what my mam said to her. “Well your class is obviously not stimulating enough, if she needs to be reading something else in class.” Well the teacher nearly turned purple it was so funny.




Although I didn’t get in trouble or kept away from my precious books, my mother did say to me not to get caught again. Needless to say I didn’t get caught again but it wasn’t the first time and it certainly wasn’t the last time that I read books in my classes! Looking back I hated school. I found it difficult to learn in a classroom setting. I’m a doer and I love to learn new things but I take it in differently than most people. Although I can read for Ireland, I learn more from doing things hands on not reading about them. Funny but true.


It’s funny some memories that pop into your head.

What did you read as a child? I’d love to hear what worlds you disappeared into.

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