Review: The Perfect Stroke by Jordan Marie

 The Perfect Stroke (Lucas Brothers #1)

The Perfect Stroke (Lucas Brothers #1)

by Jordan Marie

Release Date: 07/07/16

This bad boy wants to show her his rock-hard nine-iron…and his smooth stroke. 


Gray Lucas is a bad boy, on and off the green.
As golf’s new media darling, his face is plastered on the front of every tabloid in the country.
His exploits are legendary–one of which is me.
We had a one-night-stand, before I knew who he was. It was passionate, wild and exhilarating.
I should forget him. The guy is everything I can’t stand – arrogant, entitled, and privileged.
Then he walks into my garage, looking better than I remember, his eyes tempting me with wicked promises.
But I’m not about to let a player like him into my bed again.
Not even if I can’t stop thinking about the taste of his lips, his magic fingers, or other parts of his anatomy.

I work hard. I play harder.
Until my playing causes me to lose my main sponsor months before I’m set to win the biggest tournament of my career.
Now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky. I need the sponsorship Riverton Metals can provide.
The problem is, my head isn’t in the game. I can’t stop thinking about the luscious redhead that I only know as CC. We had a one night stand – the best night of my life – but she bolted before I could even get her name.
Imagine my surprise when my car breaks down and the grease monkey under the hood is my dream woman.
She didn’t know who I was then, but now that she does, she wants nothing to do with me and my player ways.
She thinks she can resist me.
But I’m about to show her that this player doesn’t lose…and that my nine “inch”-iron can deliver the perfect stroke.


Don’t go looking for golf in this book…but you may spot a birdie or two


4 Crayon Boy Stars on Goodreads

I loved this book, Jordan may be known for her MC books but I think she’ll do great in this Rom-coms series because the Lucas family are so entertaining. I loved them all especially their mother, Ida Mae, had me in stitches.

The storyline kept me so entertained and the characters were all well developed and all very loveable

CC is our heroine and she is perfect, you can’t help but love her sassy ways.

Grayson is very arrogant to start off with but soon you can’t help but love him as you see him fall for CC. He is funny, loyal and so well written.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the next few in this series!

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