Review: Going Down Hard by Jordan Marie

Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things, #1)

Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things #1)

by Jordan Marie

I’ve only loved one man in my life.
Gavin O’Leary.
He made my high school days a nightmare.
Not because he loved me.
Not because he hated me.
But because he had no idea who I was.
He was the popular guy with the chiseled abs, dark tan and perfect hair.
You know the type.
The type that only dated the perfect-ten, cheerleader.
I was the loner.
The nerd who hated high school and couldn’t wait to say goodbye.
And I did—to Freemont High and to Gavin.
The last thing I expected was to see him again twelve years later.
Yet here he is.
Only this time—he notices me.
This time—he kisses me.
This time saying goodbye to Gavin O’Leary might destroy me.


5 LOL stars on Goodreads

This is a Novella to get us into this new series from Jordan Marie. I was a little silly and started with the second book in this series. But there was no real spoilers in the second so I did still enjoy this book. I was also delighted to see it in Kindle Unlimited.

We have the nerdy high school girl who’s in love with the school’s star quarterback. A chance meeting at their school prom has Casey realising she will never have Gavin and goes on about her life.

Casey is making a name for herself in Hollywood as makeup artist. Gavin is a stunt man and they end up working on the same movie together. Only problem is Gavin doesn’t realise who Casey is at first and sure it goes from there!

I loved this story and couldn’t put it down. This was a was light, sexy and entertaining read, Gavin’s character had me in stitched throughout!

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