Review: Mark (Mallick Brothers #3) by Jessica Gadziala

Mark (Mallick Brothers, #3)

Mark (Mallick Brothers #3) by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 02/06/17


Love and commitment might be great. You know, for my brothers. Not for me. But then, in a chance meeting, I came across her. Why was she different? I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe it was the fact that she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Maybe it was the the sharp edges she wore like a shield that made me want to see what was beneath. Or maybe it had something to do with whatever secret she was trying so desperately to hide.


Love and commitment weren’t even in the realm of possibilities for me. My life had one purpose, one mission, and I couldn’t afford to let anyone get in the way. But then there was Mark Mallick – ladies man, loanshark enforcer, and very determined to know my secrets.

That was problematic any day, but especially so with him. Why? Maybe because the things he would offer me, the things he would show me were possibilities for me, could make me reevaluate the mission that had completely consumed the last ten years of my life.

But could I have those things? Could I escape the life I had been trapped in for so long? With Mark Mallick by my side, I was thinking maybe it was possible…

** For possible triggers, please visit my website and find the “triggers” section from the main navigation bar.


5 Kick Ass Stars on Goodreads

Another Kick-ass leading lady, I love it! I loved getting to know Scottie and Mark. This book starts of with a band and sure what more can you ask for. Jam packed with action and drama from get go. We have another sexy Mallack brother Mark who’s a bit of a ladies man and doesn’t see himself settling down anytime soon. We then have the kick ass Scotti who doesn’t feel she can  have want she wants. It insta-love with these too.

Mark is a sweet, over protective alpha male and I ate this book story up.

God that epilogue and ending killed me though!

Like all of Jessica’s books this book can be read as a Standalone but I would recommend reading in order as you get a feel for other characters within her books.

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