Review: Light Of Day (Daylight #1) by K.M. Thompson

Light Of Day

Light Of Day (Daylight #1) by K.M. Thompson

Release Date: 24/01/17

For readers of E.L James, J Kenner and Kristin Mayer

When you run from your past it will always catch up with you.

Dana Spencer has fled London and started a new life in New York with her best friend James. They both have new jobs, a new apartment and new love interests, but what are they hiding?

Edward Day is Danas new boss and a man on a mission, he is determined to help her but with her locked up like fort knox, will he ever get her to drop her guard?

Dana’s secret life begins to unravel, when Edward reveals he knows more about her than he should.

Dana has no intention of opening up to the obsessed billionaire, he has to find a way of softening her up, but what is he hiding and how long will it be until his curious and stubborn employee finds out?

Where is Nathan?
Who is following her?
Why are they conspiring against her?
Who can she trust?


4 Ain’t no Daylight Stars on Goodreads

Well where to start, I felt this book didn’t start well for me. The main character Dana was so annoying and her relationship with James was unfair and completely messed up. Then we have Tall, Dark And a drop of freaky, Edward. Before you can catch your breath from what he brings to the table there’s a whole bunch of other hotness.

There is Dom/Sub scenes which are not overly graphic but if your not into that kinda thing this book wont be for you. There is Twisted, Darkness and sadness, with a lot going on it was confusing at times. But there was aleo Happiness and love thrown in that made me see the Daylight of this book.

Although this book started off annoying to me it did get better and I ended up hooked to see what progressed within the story. After reading Light of Day, I would be interested in giving the next books in the series a read as well.


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