Review: Pagan (The Henchmen MC #8) by Jessica Gadziala

Pagan (The Henchmen MC, #8)

Pagan (The Henchmen MC #8) by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 05/05/17


Fighting. F@cking. F@cking things up. That was my life. That was how I got out of the world I had been raised in. And it was how I intended to keep living my life.

That was, of course, until I came across her. The game changer.


Hard work. That was pretty much all you could say my life consisted of. It was what got me out of a rough childhood. It was what made me get my first taste of success. Before things went to hell, that is. But it was what was going to get me back on my feet too. So I didn’t need any distractions. Certainly not one that came covered in scars, blood, leather, and in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

Yet, there he was.
And I was thinking maybe a distraction wouldn’t be that bad, right?


5 Niro Stars on Goodreads

First of can I just say this cover – Amazing! I love it. I had one hell of a book hangover the day after reading this. not my first from Jessica’s books but definitely the first in a long while. I ate this book up in one sitting and I just couldn’t put it down. Pagan was insanely hot and his story was so unexpected but brilliant. Kennedy was a kick ass leading lady which I absolutely love.  Yes this book was everything I needed it to be and I may now have a new favourite Henchmen – Sorry Duke!

I loved hearing all about the new pups coming into the Henchmen world and of course like always its great to have some old names pop up as well.

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