Review: 14 Week by Jessica Gadziala 

14 Weeks (Investigators, #2)

14 Week by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 05/04/17

I was a bit of a wild child.
I had a past.
I had gotten into trouble.
All that was behind me, though.
And for the first time in my life, trouble had found me.

When the other private investigators wouldn’t help me, I found the huge, hulking Tig willing to lend his expertise. What I didn’t expect was the growing attraction between us or the crazy series of events that would put our budding relationship to the test.

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4 Tig and Kenzie Stars on Goodreads

I had mixed feelings about this book, One hand I love Jessica’s books and all her stories are amazing. But on the other hand some of the things going on with Kenzie while her friends was kidnapped god knows what happening to her and she off having sex with her man. Yeah that wasn’t easy to read.

Now in saying that I did love this book but that why it lost one star with me!

I loved the connection between Tig and Kenzie and I felt everything she felt along the way. This book had plenty of suspense which is something I love in Jessica’s book. I love that she can do the suspense but yet still have the romance.

My favourite quote in this book was said by Kenzie’s little sister Reese and I have to say I’m sooo excited to read her book.

“What kind of men do you like? A man had asked her at a bar once when I forced her to go out for her birthday. Fictional, mostly she had answered quickly, truthfully.”

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