Review: Lazarus (The Henchmen MC #7) by Jessica Gadziala

Lazarus (The Henchmen MC, #7)

Lazarus (The Henchmen MC #7) by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 06/03/17

The war was over.
The dust had settled.
The numbers were increasing.
Everything had finally started to calm down.
Until one night on a walk, I came across her…

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5 Sobering Stars on Goodreads

Wow just wow what a start for the new Pups! So many secondary characters in this book that I just can’t wait to hear about!  Pagan especially, so intrigued by him.

Lazarus was a great start to this new era of Henchmen. What a sweetheart, so laid back and really just wanting the best for his club. He was like a gentle giant, with his tough outer demeanour and scarred hands, to his gentle way he handles Beth. I think I have a new favourite Henchmen ek!

“This wasn’t some meet-cute. This wasn’t some cheesy as fuck love at first sight. This was the familiar, ice cold sensation of dread filling my veins as my stomach plummeted. This wasn’t pretty. This wasn’t the stuff of fairy tales.”

Bethany thinks that she is not worthy of anyone’s love and that life has kicked her in the ass one time to many. She doesn’t set out to over dose but that’s what happens. She really didn’t think she had that much of a problem. She’s degusted with herself and feels she doesn’t deserve anything better.

The way these two end up together is no met-cute but it is a page turner and I couldn’t put it down! Love Jessica’s work and this book is no different. This story sucked me in from the beginning. It was raw, yet sweet and I completely loved reading Laz and Beth’s story.

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