Is it Really worth it…


So I know when I read reviews from certain beauty bloggers I can be a little hesitant as a lot of bloggers these days get paid to post and review certain products. This puts me off really believing in certain products. I bought the below products myself and I’m being honest here. The products I’m posting below are from a brand I generally love, they just failed slightly on me.

I suppose, what I look for in products is value for money. I have no problem spending a bit of money on products that are worth it. But if I spend my hard earned money on products that disappoint me, it makes me a little mad. There are so many products out there at the moment. The competition is fierce. In my opinion this should be a fuel that should get companies to make the best products they can. Not half assed products, that don’t hold a light to other very affordable beauty names out there.

Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss | Lancôme €22.00 – Boots


First up is the Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss from Lancôme. I love Lancôme, I buy a lot of their products but the Juicy shakers where such a waste of money and I felt they really were crap. They put a little hint of a tint on your lips which is grand as it’s not a lipstick it’s a gloss, but it lasted all of two seconds. Its needs to be replied regularly. They don’t taste great, but they do smell really good. Yes, this product was lovely to look at but this is not good enough for the price of the lip gloss. I’ve gotten way better glosses from Cheaper more affordable brands. If Lancôme want to have a product like this and charge the prices they need to step it up. Don’t waste your money. I won’t be buying the Juicy Shakers again.

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation | Lancôme €39.00 – Boots


Lancôme’s Teint Idole, Ultra high-coverage compact liquid foundation cushion, this product was tough for me to give a bad review. First off it gave great coverage but it made me very shiny. I had to calm it down with powder, which I felt sometimes made me look like I had a ton of make up on when really I didn’t. Otherwise it was a pretty decent foundation. What made me a little crazy was that it was €39.00 for 13g of product. This is so expensive. Generally a bottle of Foundation will have 30ml it’s said that when it’s a cushion like this you use less. That may be the case, however I still feel its scandal to charge this amount for less than half of the normal amount of product. You can buy refills for €25.00 but if you look at a normal bottle of Lancôme which is normally around €38.00 this makes me mad and I won’t be buying this foundation again. 


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  1. Very true. I love lipsticks in particular, so when I find one that advertises its ability to stay on my lips for hours, but it comes off the second I take a bite of pizza…yeah, I get really pissed. I feel your pain with that lip gloss!

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  2. So true. I swatched the juicy shakers at the counter and was so disappointed! It actually caused me to unfollow a lot of bloggers/ vloggers as it was one more in along line of disappointing products that were hyped up.

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