Review: Silhouette by S.E. Cooper



Silhouette by S.E. Cooper

Release Date: 06/01/17

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About The Book:

“Daddy, what is a white lie?”
My father put down his spoon and looked at me thoughtfully.“Why’d you ask, Princess?”
“I heard you talking yesterday and you said ‘one more white lie isn’t going to make a difference.’ I just wanted to know what you meant.”
“You heard that, huh?” My father tilted his head to study me. “It’s just a small lie you tell when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s nothing for you to worry about.”
My eyes grew wide. “Like when you told Aunt Rena her pie was good even though it tasted icky?”
“Exactly.” My father smiled.
“Or when you told that man last week that you hadn’t seen Uncle Bruno and you had?”
The smile fell from his face and he straightened in his chair. “No, Princess, that was a different kind of lie.”
Scrunching up my nose, I asked, “What kind of lie was that?”
My father swallowed hard before replying. “That’s the kind of lie where you have to have a real good memory.”
Clarissa Solano could never have known, as an inquisitive child, how significant those words would become. That she would spend years twisting the truth: hoping and praying that she would not contradict herself and expose the secrets she keeps locked inside.
Most of the people in her life don’t really know her at all. She forces them to swallow her lies, but she is the one who feels the bitter aftertaste of deception.
When Lane Hunter sweeps into her life, she finds herself opening up in ways she never thought possible. He sees beyond the facade to the woman beneath and knows instantly that he wants her. However, all is not as it seems and when secrets and lies are exposed, it threatens to destroy them all.


5 Kick Ass Debut Stars on Goodreads, Read from January 05 to 06, 2017

Wow! What a debut novel this book was. From the first Chapter of Silhouette by S.E. Cooper  and I was hooked. I’m not going to lie, I don’t take to new authors this quick. I’m a little old school. It takes me time before I fan girl over an author!

We have Ari, who is one hot kick ass tattooing lady! I love that she’s a tattoo artist. WE have also have ourselves one hot alpha man with Lane Hunter. Oh even his name is hot! When these two get together in not so great circumstances things get rough and I’m not just talking in the bedroom. I love that it’s told in Clarissa’s and Lane’s point of view.

She has some excellent secondary characters that add great depth and really add to the story. I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future her future books.

This was an exciting and red hot read and I’d highly recommend picking up Silhouette, you wont regret it! Congratulations to SE Cooper on her brilliant debut novel. I look forward to more of her books in the future.



S E Cooper lives in Scotland with her husband, their two boys, a crazy cat and a bonkers bunny. She has always loved to write stories but it wasn’t until she discovered the wonderful world of self-publishing and became inspired by some of her favourite Indie Authors that she decided to take the plunge herself.
Her hobbies include reading (of course) reviewing, blogging, photography, spending time with her family and daydreaming.
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