Humans of Dublin by Péter Varga


Humans of Dublin by Péter Varga

Release Date 14/10/16

The beating heart of Dublin laid bare in over 100 remarkable stories and photographs.

A little over two years ago, Peter Varga began a photo project that would change the course of his life. Inspired by the success of similar projects internationally, he began to walk the streets of Dublin, interviewing and photographing those he met along the way, and worked to uncover the powerful stories hiding in plain sight and post his work online. The result is a remarkable collection of character studies, drawn from the blog, which captures the vibrancy and diversity of Dublin life.

From tales of inspiration and joy to those of heartbreak and loss, all of human life is in this best-of collection from Peter s library. Presented in a beautifully produced hardback format, Humans of Dublin promises to open readers eyes to the wonders of life in Ireland s capital.


4 Humans of Dublin Stars on Goodreads, Read from December 01 to 09, 2016

Reading this book, going from page to page and looking at the beautiful pictures was so enjoyable. I loved it and its definitely one for your coffee table.

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