Book Review: Dark Secrets by Jessica Gadziala

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 03/12/16

There’s a reason Faith works at Lam, a known mafia bar, despite the fact that she doesn’t have a drop of hospitality kindness or any apparent respect for men who could easily take her life.

There is also a reason Danny is the new bartender there. And that reason has nothing to do with the decades-long bartending experience he lied about on his resume.

So when passions emerge and become too much to deny anymore, they each scramble to try to protect their secrets- Faith, the deal she made with the devil to get and keep a job she obviously had no interest in and why; Danny, the real reason he was at Lam.

But, as with all secrets, the truth will always find its way to the light…


5 Bad Ass Stars on Goodreads, Read from December 01 to 03, 2016

One Bad Ass strong Female who can fight for herself and doesn’t need any man to help her – Check!

On Bad Ass male as hot as a summers day, who wants to fight for said Female – Check!

We’ve been waiting on Faith’s story for awhile now and boy was it worth the wait. We find out Faith’s back story and how she ends up working bar at Lam’s. We also find out some of Daniels Secrets too. Jessica’s books are a most for me and every single book she brings out is just as good as the next. I’d highly recommend checking this Dark Mysteries series out if you haven’t already.

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