Book Review:What The Heart Knows (Stars Landing #4) by Jessica Gadziala

What The Heart Knows (Stars Landing, #4)

What The Heart Knows (Stars Landing #4) by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date:23.06.15


What do you get when you add one stubborn, resentful innkeeper and one big business man coming in to take it from her? A hot bed of confrontation, snarky conversations, and undeniable desire.

Emily’s entire life had been consumed with taking care of the Stars Landing Inn, and all of the people in it. So when the owner dies, leaving the business in the hands of greedy distant relatives who put it up for sale, Emily is determined to make the life of whoever buys it a living hell.

The only problem being that James Michaels wasn’t at all what she had been expecting. Charming and witty, wholly unconcerned with the goings on at the inn… but completely obsessed with making her admit her attraction to him.

Will Emily be able to look past her growing desire for him and keep her plan to send him screaming right out of Stars Landing? Or will James’ cocky charm and scorching touch be too much to resist…

* For possible triggers, go here:… *


5 Knocking heads Stars on Goodreads, Read from July 14 to 15, 2016

I’m obsessed with this series and Jessica! It was a pleasure watching these two knock heads, and then finally give into their desires for each other. I loved James, although that one thing in Elliot’s Kitchen, Yeah that was a real dick thing to do and I felt she let him away with it way too easily.

But over all I loved this book and I’m loving Stars Landing!
I also love hearing about previous characters and how their stories continue.


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