Dark Needs (The Dark Light of Day, #1.5) by T.M. Frazier


Dark Needs (The Dark Light of Day, #1.5)  by T.M. Frazier

Release Date: 02/02/15

“A revenge kill is the best kind of kill.But a revenge kill for your family, with your woman’s permission?
That’s borderline erotic.”- Jake, The Dark Light of Day.

Jake has come back home to Abby after violently disposing of the man who almost destroyed his family. With blood literally still on his hands, the only thing on Jake’s mind is making up for lost time with the woman he loves.

Dark Needs is a companion novella to The Dark Light of Day and won’t make much sense unless you are already familiar with Abby and Jake’s story in The Dark Light of Day..


5 Dark Needs stars on Goodreads, Read on May 29, 2016

Dark Needs is a short novella to give us the rest of Abby and Jake’s story. Whatever I felt was missing from
“The dark Light of Day” I found it in this novella. I loved it.

“Over the past year, my life seemed like a dream. A dream someone like me was unworthy of even having. Every day of my life was a gift I knew I didn’t deserve but selfishly accepted anyway.”-Jake.

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