Hammer by Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane

Hammer (Regulators MC, #2)

Hammer (Regulators MC #2) by Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane

Release Date:22/02/16

She is strong, independent, but jaded.
He is a hardened soldier.

Two people are forced to come together to move beyond the physical injuries of one.

Desirae Shythe is a physical therapist driven to see her patients thrive. Her happiness in life comes from her success, no matter how small the step.

Ethan ‘Hammer’ McCoy is known for having an iron fist and an iron heart.

When an injury confines him to a wheelchair, he meets the fierce physical therapist who makes it her personal mission to see him walk again.

As they both face the struggles of his rehabilitation, can he hammer his way into her heart?


4 “It’s Hammer Time” stars on Goodreads, Read from May 18 to 22, 2016

Another great addition to this already sexy MC series!

I loved the fact that Des gave as good as she got and never backed downed, no matter what! I loved the interaction between the both of them, it was super charged and funny to booth.

A few questions left unanswered and the ending was a little rushed. But overall I really enjoyed Desirae and Hammer’s story.

Looking forward to Coal’s book…while reading Hammer, all I could think was about was what was up with him not liking Woman touching him! Very strange but intriguing.

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