Killer (Savages, #2) by Jessica Gadziala

Killer (Savages, #2)

Killer (Savages, #2)  by Jessica Gadziala

Release Date: 03.03.16


I ran away when I was fifteen and never looked back. I built a new life: good friends, wild adventures, and an endless parade of gorgeous women. But then I got a call that changed everything; a call that told me it was time to go back and face my demons.

I never thought I’d find an angel along the way…


He was the absolute last thing I needed in my life: someone incapable of taking anything seriously, a notorious ladies’ man, oh, and did I mention… a killer? As in, he shot people. For a living. Yeah, definitely someone I had no plans on letting in. Except, he set his sights on me and, well, when a man like him laid on the charm, he did it thick and in a way that made you never want him to stop. My only saving grace was that he was only in town for a few days.

But when I found myself in a situation and he was the only one who had any answers, well, let’s just say… things got complicated…

* This is a stand-alone with a HEA, but features side characters from “Reign”, “Monster”, and “Cash”


5 Johnnie Walker stars on Goodreads, Read from April 25 to 26, 2016

Oh god this book kinda gutted me in parts! I totally devoured this book up very quickly!

“Best fuckin’ thing that ever happened to me,having to
go back to face my demons and finding my angel.”

I Loved Shooter and his charming and sweet talking ways! Amelia and Shooter’s chemistry is off the charts hot. Killer is packed with tons of drama and suspense. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Series Order:

Dark Mysteries

For A Good Time, Call…








Author Bio:


Jessica is a full-time writer from New Jersey who believes coffee is a food group and that her parrots can totally understand her when she talks to them. She can not be trusted with houseplants or to respond to text messages in a reasonable amount of time.

Writing was the only acceptable career path for her from the first time she learned that with just twenty-six letters, she could create whole new worlds. She attempted a string of odd jobs before quitting and taking the blind leap of faith that was trying to make a career out of her passion.

Jessica is a firm believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and HEA.

When she is not writing (which is practically never), she is obsessively trying to read as many books as possible and has totally been known to throw temper tantrums over fictional characters.

She is super active on GR and, in fact, is probably stalking your status updates right now.



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