Trusting Bull (Savage Brothers MC #5) by Jordan Marie

Trusting Bull (Savage Brothers MC, #5)
Trusting Bull (Savage Brothers MC #5) by Jordan Marie
Release Date: 15/12/15




The minute I saw him, I knew I was in trouble. Bull. 



What kind of man flirts with the doctor who lectures him on STD’s?



And why am I attracted to a man like that?



He wasn’t what I wanted, but he could be exactly what I need.



Slowly I’m learning to trust him.



It’s perfect, except for one small thing….



Someone wants me dead.










To say I lost my way is an understatement.



Then I meet her. Skye. 



She’s smart, beautiful and way beyond my reach.



It doesn’t matter, I’m keeping her.



I know what I want and I go after it.



Now someone is trying to take her away from me.



I won’t let that happen.



She’s mine and I’m not giving her up.





4 Doc and Bull Stars on Goodreads Read from February 18 to 19, 2016

I had been waiting for Bull’s Story for so long and It didn’t disappoint! I was sucked in from the first Chapter. I loved the way Bull never gave up on Syke and for what he wanted. Yeah defiantly an entertaining read.

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